"May my works project peace, love, and joy into the world"


- Jonny Waters




"I give thanks for the blessings of talent and drive"


- Jonny Waters




Jonny Waters & Co. are a multi-talented group of musicians based out of North Carolina's Outer Banks. Jonny's guitar playing and vocal style are heavily influenced by music from around the world (including North Africa and the Middle East in addition to more typical Western styles). His brand and perspective have been derived of his upbringing in the swamps of a rural area, life near the ocean on the barrier islands of North Carolina, world travel, and passionate study of history and culture. Jonny is most influenced by the styles of rock, blues, reggae, and pop.

Many other talented and accomplished musicians make up the remainder of JW&Co.  Together, the group brings an eclectic amalgamation of experience and style that is as soulful and groovy as it is musically dynamic!